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Body Art's  frequently asked questions


Q. Are you licensed to tattoo?

A. Yes, each artist is fully licensed and the studio was the first to be licensed by Tunbridge Wells borough council, when Tunbridge Wells borough council started licensing tattooing in 1985.

Q. I have never been tattooed before does it hurt?

A. Yes, it does! But of course it is bearable otherwise nobody would come back!

Q. This is my first tattoo, can you put my mind at rest on the hygiene side of tattooing?

A. Yes, all materials we use for each client is fully disposable and taken away by a licensed clinical waste carrier.

We take health and safety and cross contamination very seriously and are always happy to answer any questions or go over any hygiene procedures with you.

Q. Will I be getting tattooed in the same room as other people?

A. No, our work areas are in separate rooms for when privacy is required.


Q. Do you do custom work?

A. Yes, we most certainly do, nearly all of our work is custom. We can alter any designs or come up with something from scratch just from an idea.

Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. Yes. All consultations are either over email/Body Art Tattoo Facebook messenger or using those platforms to arrange a consultation at the studio. All consultations are free and no obligation but a deposit is required for all bookings which gets deducted on the day or final day of your appointment(s).


Q. What happens if I can't make my appointment and need to reschedule?

A. All deposits are non refundable, if you need to reschedule then please give us at least 48 hours notice to save your deposit. You can reschedule up to 3 times without losing your deposit.

Q. Do you charge by the hour?

A. No, we don't charge by the hour we charge by the piece, for sleeve or larger work we'd quote an accurate amount of sessions at a fixed price per session.

Q. Do you accept cards?

A. Sorry, we only accept cash.

Q. Can you cover over older tattoos?

A. In rare circumstances we can cover but the majority we turn away, if we do take on a cover job it's usually after laser removal treatment. 

Q. I'm under the age of 18 can I get a tattoo with parent consent?

A. No, it is the law that you have to be 18 to be tattooed, for ID we only accept a driving license (or provisional) or a passport.


Q. Can I park near the shop?

A. Yes, there is a car park with the first 2 hours free opposite in Yew Tree Road (see the map on our Contact page) or alternatively there is unrestricted parking in the surrounding streets. 

Q. Can I bring my children while I'm waiting to be tattooed?

A. Sorry, no children, babies or pushchairs anywhere in the studio.

Q. Do you tattoo everywhere on the body?

A. Generally we don't tattoo the hands, neck, head or face unless you are heavily tattooed. 


If there is anything we have missed please drop us a message or call the studio and we'll be pleased to help.


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